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Over the lifetime of a water well many situations may arise in which you would like to have a detailed look down your well.  Our downhole video inspection camera gives well owners and operators a better view of the condition of their well.  A video inspection allows for accurate pinpointing of problems down to depths of 2,500 feet on a real time color display, as well as the ability to simultaneously record onto a DVD.  Inspections frequently reveal:

-  Damaged Casings
-  Well obstructions
-  Encrustations
-  Offset casings

The downhole camera is also a valuable tool for:

-  Checking quality of old and new wells
-  Recovering broken off pumps or pipe
-  Assisting in well repairs
-  Discovering and retrieving items dropped downhole
-  Check screen conditions
-  Accurate record of screen locations
-  Preventative maintenance.