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AirBurst® Technology allows Pearson Pump to lead the industry in GREEN solutions for your water well needs.  By providing a clean and safe solution to encrusted well screens, PPS can have your pump back online without compromising environmental safety and your budget.  The patented technology targets specific and precise areas of buildup with high intensity bursts of compressed air or inert gas to free the screens and casing of mineral scale, bio-mass and sediment deposits.  With an infinite range of adjustments, the AirBurst®  process is tailored to match each individual well by our trained and experienced technicians.

AirBurst®  technology is the new eco-friendly solution to regain your wells' specific capacity without breaking the bank.  The process is versatile and effective over a wide range of geological environments and well constructions.  If you are experiencing reduced flow or would like to incorporate this into your routine maintenance, please contact us today to discuss your AirBurst®  needs.