Pearson Pump Sales & Service, Inc.

A leader in pump equipment sales, repair and service. (919) 734-4267

Pearson Pump Sales has a long, proven performance reputation in providing high quality repair and installation of all types and brands of pumps and motors.  Our forty years of experience allow us to identify and match the most dependable and efficient pumps and equipment for each operating environment.

Our field and shop technicians are experienced in water and wastewater applications requiring pumps capable of operating in a wide range of conditions to meet system loads.
Pearson Pump's qualified repair technicians can assess your pump and determine the most efficient and cost effective route of repair.  Our facilities and large inventory of parts allows technicians to completely disassemble and reassemble pumps in a timely fashion.  Our highly skilled machinists are capable of producing replacement parts for older, obsolete models.

Pearson Pump Sales offers a variety of services to meet your repair needs:

Vertical Turbine
                  -Short set
                  -Horizontal split-case
                  -End suction
                  -Sump pump
Solids Handling
                  -Non-clog (Vertical & Horizontal)

On-site Repair
Pump/motor pulling
In-house repair
Pump/motor setting
New installations
       Start-up services

       24/7 Emergency repair

-       Water Treatment Plants

-       Waste Water / Reuse
-       Lift Station Upgrades and Repairs

-       Groundwater Wells

-       Power Generation
-       Pulp and Paper
-       Process Water
-       Irrigation